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-Cyber Watches


-Attitude To Future

With its highly distinctive geometric shape and a powerful metallic texture, "Cyber" has become a symbol of future technology in the minds of most people. Cyber embodies a sense of futurism, technology, and coolness. It has consistently held a significant place in the hearts of those filled with anticipation for future technology. Inspired by it, the BENLYDESIGN team has created a solar-powered wristwatch to portray the values behind Cyber.

benlydesign-s3000b (1).jpg__PID:534564ba-34a1-4ff4-89bc-5e8571c8adb8

Wrist Raise to Activate Screen

Movement Type:Electronic digital display OLED
Case Size:45.0*39.9MM
Case Thickness:19MM
Strap Size:10-22CM
Strap Width Size:18MM
Case Material:Zinc Alloy
Case back: Stainless steel
Strap Material:Stainless steel
Glass Material:Mineral glass
Functionality:Solar power,date display, thermometer(Celsius and Fahrenheit), stop-watch, alarm, countdown, dual time, wrist raise to activate screen.

Cyber Metal

A material rich in metallic texture wraps around Cyberwatch, protecting the S3000 customized electronic core, creating and reshaping a futuristic and technological scene filled with imagination and a sense of power. It not only exudes a strong metallic feel but also reflects an attitude towards future technology. When there is enough light, solar energy is used in preference to batteries, thus extending the battery life. However,it is not possible to charge the battery.While this watch appears to have a strong metallic texture, creating the 'Cyberwatch' on the wrist is a highly challenging endeavor, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a pursuit of perfection. In the end, the dream becomes a reality, injecting new life into this truly Cyberwatch.


Unique Cyber Trend Design
-Solar Power

We advocate environmentalism. The top area of the S3000 series is composed of a solar panel. This solar panel prioritizes solar energy usage when there is sufficient light, rather than relying on battery power. However, please note that the solar panel cannot charge the battery.

Introducing the stylish and classic BENLYDESIGN digital wristwatch. With a beautiful and delicate 45.0*39.9MM case, featuring functions such as Wrist Raise to Activate Screen, thermometer, alarm, and a fashionable stainless steel strap. Equipped with a high-quality Electronic Digital Display movement and battery, it provides precise timekeeping, perfectly complementing any outfit. The BENLYDESIGN digital wristwatch embodies the pursuit of both trendiness and quality, redefining time!

benlydesign-s3000b (1).png__PID:6f0f84be-e603-4056-b9f8-9576001c5345

Quality and Comfort

Featuring a 100% premium Electronic Digital Display movement for high stability and accurate timekeeping. The zinc alloy case and stainless steel back cover, mineral glass, and plasma electroplating greatly enhance durability and scratch resistance. The S3000 series not only looks elegant and stylish but is also comfortable to wear.Battery life is usually 30 months. Battery can be replaced. This retro-chic BENLYDESIGN digital wristwatch withstands the test of time and, with proper care, can be used for a lifetime.

benlydesign-s3000b (4).jpg__PID:adb86975-7dd3-4388-8b01-5058325f15a2

Cyber watches

The Cyberwatch, crafted through a high-intensity integral stamping process, has been brought into reality, garnering particular attention for its commanding appearance that overlooks the entire dial. The casing, utilizing plasma coating technology, adds to its allure. In terms of meticulous craftsmanship, BENLYDESIGN spares no effort in refining every small detail. The watch's back cover employs curved micro-sandblasted stainless steel material to protect the wrist, and the movement incorporates an electronic digital OLED screen to ensure precise timekeeping, embodying a relentless pursuit of perfection in every aspect.


benlydesign-s3000b (2).PNG__PID:15a24356-b615-4ef6-af3d-9bcf849ccc62

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