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"Genoeg" X6000BR

"Genoeg" X6000BR

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Homage to 2000s

Explore the boundaries of time, trace back the unique charm of the 2000s era. The X6000 series watches, a tribute to the past, seamlessly blend advanced technology with classic design.

benlydesign-x6000 (4).jpg__PID:592c9ef2-9479-45c8-ba78-aa54fcfb925c

Stainless steel,Pushing the limits

Movement Type:Electronic digital display LCD
Case Size:31*34MM
Case Thickness:11.1MM
Strap Length Size:22CM(Strap size adjustable)
Strap Width Size:18MM
Function:Backlight,Chronograph,Alarm,perpetual calendar
Buttons ring when alarm mode is on
Watch Material:Stainless steel
Strap Material:Stainless steel
Glass Material:Mineral glass
Waterproof Resistance:3ATM

Future Industrial Aesthetics

Encased in a highly metallic stainless steel material, the X6000 series not only surrounds us with a sense of metal, but also transports us back to the transformative and creative era of the 2000s. It is not merely a homage to retro aesthetics but incorporates the revolutionary aspects of future technology. Crafting a wristwatch that "LAVA" is a challenging endeavor, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection. In the end, dreams turned into reality, breathing new life into a truly vintage aesthetic timepiece.

benlydesign-x6000 (35).jpg__PID:925c3f3b-def4-491b-88f0-2aa97ceab5d2

Unique Vintage Trend Design

Introducing the stylish and classic BENLYDESIGN digital wristwatch. With a beautiful and delicate 31*34MM case,Equipped with a high-quality Electronic Digital Display movement and battery, it provides precise timekeeping, perfectly complementing any outfit. The BENLYDESIGN digital wristwatch embodies the pursuit of both trendiness and quality, redefining time!

benlydesign-x6000 (6).jpg__PID:be500fc5-69cf-4ac9-9e07-f1ff035db428

Quality and Comfort

Featuring a 100% premium Electronic Digital Display movement for high stability and accurate timekeeping. The stainless steel case and back cover, mineral glass, and plasma electroplating greatly enhance durability and scratch resistance. The X6000 series not only looks elegant and stylish but is also comfortable to wear.Battery life is usually 30 months. Battery can be replaced. This retro-chic BENLYDESIGN digital wristwatch withstands the test of time and, with proper care, can be used for a lifetime.

benlydesign-x6000 (7).jpg__PID:665a4397-dce0-495d-9992-ade5c54b6053


Assembled from high-strength components, the Lava WATCH is particularly striking with its dominant appearance surrounding the entire watch. In terms of meticulous craftsmanship, BENLYDESIGN spares no effort in perfecting every little detail. The back cover of the watch is made of curved, micro-sandblasted stainless steel to protect the wrist, and the movement features an electronic digital LCD screen to ensure accurate timekeeping, reflecting the relentless pursuit of perfection in every aspect.


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