The LED watch store - Benlydesign metal retro unique digital watch shop

The LED watch store - Benlydesign metal retro unique digital watch shop

 BENLYDESIGN - Unique LED Watch STORE with Retro-Future Style

Welcome to BENLYDESIGN, where innovation meets style in the world of LED watches. BENLYDESIGN has been at the forefront of crafting unique, retro-futuristic LED watch that cater to the niche tastes of discerning individuals. 

Our Design Concept

BENLYDESIGN Watches thinks deeply about how to stand out in an era dominated by smartwatches and mechanical watches.

BENLYDESIGN Watches strives to provide a fresh and exciting experience for the consumer through continuous innovation in unique digital watch design.


S-1000 Series

The appearance design of the S1000 series is inspired by the popular culture and fashion style of the 1970s, presenting bold color combinations and unique line designs. It allows people to experience the unique charm and style LED watches while traveling through time and space.


S-3000 Series

The S3000 series draws inspiration from cyberpunk culture in its exterior design, presenting strong futuristic lines and structures while incorporating retro elements, bringing together the future and retro in metal LED watches


X-7000 Series

The X7000 series watches blend the brave spirit of Roman gladiators with an explosive sense of power, boasting an exterior design full of the majestic aura of ancient Roman gladiators, featuring bold lines and structures that exude a strong sense of power. They symbolize strength and courage, allowing people to experience the magnificent aura of Roman gladiators fused with the beauty of future technology LED Watches.

At BENLYDESIGN, enjoy the difference with our unique LED watches.

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