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"Gladiator" X7000

"Gladiator" X7000

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-The power of metal aesthetics

This is a watch inspired by muscular beauty. The exaggerated case is like a strong back. The side uses a thread design with a strong industrial design aesthetic, which adds a metallic aesthetic.
Vintage, liquid metal—what comes to your mind? A powerful gladiator or a metallic Terminator? BENLYDESIGN blends the future's niche and unique with the echoes of the past, offering you a new vintage experience.


Unique OLED Display

The Gladiator Watches adopts unique OLED display method, using extremely thin organic material coatings and ITO glass substrates. The liquid structure of OLED makes the display brighter and the colors more vivid, thus OLED is called the "Dream display", which is very rare in the field of watches.


The streamlined appearance of the Gladiator

The Gladiator adopts the design of racing watches and utilizes OLED display to enhance the visual impact of time display.The streamlined super strong metal integrated exoskeleton makes the Gladiator even more "Robust."IP plasma plating can reduce surface depressions, damage, and corrosion caused by long-term use, accompanying you through longer journeys.


Innovative OLED display Raise-to-wake function

The groundbreaking OLED display Raise-to-wake feature allows the Gladiator Watches to quickly show the time when tilted at 60° angle and held for 1 second.

BENLYDESIGN collaborated with a professional testing team to conduct over 100,000 rounds of testing, including walking swing tests, exercise swing tests, waving swing tests, sleep swing tests, and over 72 other possible scenarios of accidental touches. This effectively prevents the majority of accidental touches.This greatly extends the battery life.


User Manual

Ultra comfort
When designing the Gladiator, BENLYDESIGN aimed to maximize comfort without compromising the metallic feel of the watch. Every detail underwent meticulous polishing. The Gladiator weighs 90 grams, and through center of gravity adjustments, stability and comfort are further enhanced, distributing the weight evenly across the wrist. BENLYDESIGN strives for perfection in every detail.

Ready to Challenge
The Gladiator is custom-stamped from high-strength, contoured monolithic machinery, boasting high structural integrity akin to a gladiator. Through processes like plasma sandblasting and shot peening, it attains a sleek, aesthetic form while reducing surface depressions, damage, and corrosion from long-term use. Ready to take on any challenge, the Gladiator is incredibly sturdy, robust, and durable.

The Gladiator using Japanese battery, Battery life about 30 months.(Batteries easy replaceable) 

Crafting each watch with care
Strict quality testing ensures the quality of each watch Each watch undergoes 38 appearance inspections, 4 abrasion tests, 2 waterproof tests, 18 functional tests, 2 time tests, and 36 movement tests before reaching you

Function include Raise-to-wake, 12/24h, day/date with auto calendar through 2099, thermometer(Celsius & Fahrenheit), countdown, timer, alarm.

Waterproof Rating - 30 Meter/3ATM & 12 Months Warranty Policy

Watches Specifications

MovementElectronic digital
Case size43.7*49MM
Case thickness17.7MM
Strap size17~22CM
Strap width size20MM
Watch Case materialZinc Alloy
Case back materialStainless steel
Strap materialSilicone Strap
Glass materialMineral glass
Strap adjustableYES
Strap replaceableYES
Battery replaceableYES


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