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Cyber Watches


CYBER -Attitude To Future

With its highly distinctive geometric shape and a powerful metallic texture, "Cyber" has become a symbol of future technology in the minds of most people. Cyber embodies a sense of futurism, technology, and coolness. It has consistently held a significant place in the hearts of those filled with anticipation for future technology. Inspired by it, the BENLYDESIGN team has created a wristwatch to portray the values behind Cyber.


Unique OLED Display

The Cyber Watches adopts unique OLED display method, using extremely thin organic material coatings and ITO glass substrates. The liquid structure of OLED makes the display brighter and the colors more vivid, thus OLED is called the "Dream display", which is very rare in the field of watches.


The exterior design of the
All-Metal Cyber

The all-metal Cyber Watches are ready to take on any challenge, incredibly sturdy, tough, and durable.

Featuring an ultra-strong metal monocoque exoskeleton, they can reduce surface dents, damage, and corrosion caused by long-term use.

Environmentalism - The chips recycling from computers, and we have disassembled them to connect three LED lights. the LED lights will flash when the screen is awakened and during hourly time announcements.(The 3000GA-C-Green version does not include an LED lights.)

Quick-release strap: Equipped with a rapid-release spring bar system, strap replacement requires no tools, making it convenient and swift.


Innovative OLED display
Raise-to-Wake function

The groundbreaking OLED display Raise-to-wake feature allows the Cyber Watches to quickly show the time when tilted at a 60° angle and held for 1 second.

BENLYDESIGN collaborated with a professional testing team to conduct over 100,000 rounds of testing, including walking swing tests, exercise swing tests, waving swing tests, sleep swing tests, and over 72 other possible scenarios of accidental touches. This effectively prevents the majority of accidental touches.This greatly extends the battery life.

Product More Features

Ultra comfort
When designing the Cyber Watches, BENLYDESIGN aimed to maximize comfort. The ratio R100 curved case back of the Cyber Watches series ensures a perfect fit on the wrist from any angle, maximizing comfort. The development cost of this case back is tens of times higher than that of a regular flat case back. After tens of thousands of rounds of testing, we finally introduced this case back. This ensures the highest level of comfort, The weight of the Cyber Watches is 115g, and it is further enhanced for stability and comfort through center of gravity adjustment. BENLYDESIGN strives for excellence in every detail.

Ready to Challenge
Cyber Watches are custom-stamped from high-strength, shaped monolithic machines, offering increased structural integrity. Through processes such as plasma blasting and sandblasting, Cyber Watches boast enhanced durability, minimizing surface dents, damages, and corrosion from long-term use. Cyber Watches can function normally in environments as cold as -42.6°C. Crafted entirely from metal, Cyber Watches are ready to face any challenge, incredibly sturdy, tough, and durable.

Crafting each watch with care
Strict quality testing ensures the quality of each watch Each watch undergoes 38 appearance inspections, 4 abrasion tests, 2 waterproof tests, 18 functional tests, 2 time tests, and 36 movement tests before reaching you

We advocate environmentalism.The chips recycling from computers, and we have disassembled them to connect three LED lights. the LED lights will flash when the screen is awakened and during hourly time announcements.(The 3000GA-C-Green version does not include LED lights.)The chips are recycled, we cannot guarantee that each chip is identical.
Function include Raise-to-wake, 12/24h, day/date with auto calendar through 2099, thermometer(Celsius & Fahrenheit), countdown, timer, alarm.

Waterproof Rating - 30 Meter/3ATM & 12 Months Warranty Policy

Watches Specifications

MovementElectronic digital
DisplayHigh bright OLED
Case size45*39.9MM
Case thickness 19MM
Strap size10-22CM
Strap width size18-22MM
Case materialZinc Alloy
Case backStainless steel
Strap materialStainless steel
Glass materialMineral glass
Strap adjustableYES
Strap replaceableYES
Battery replaceableYES

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